About company

The limited liability company “Farmasoft” was established in 1999 with the aim of providing a full range of high-quality logistics services for pharmaceutical and life sciences industry

Our major advantages are – comprehensive and professional approach, compliance with international requirements and Ukrainian legislation and trust of our clients

Over 20 years in the field
of pharmaceutical logistics

Start of activity

“Farmasoft” LLC was founded to provide full range of high-quality logistics services of medicines, medical supplies and veterinary products

Service Expansion

Logistic services were expanded to the clinical research area

Obtaining a license

Acquired the license for purchase, storage, transportation, import of controlled drugs

ISO 9001 certification

Dedicated veterinary bonded warehouse opened.
ISO 9001 certified

GDP certification

GDP certification, which affirms conformance to the Good Distribution Practices requirements.
GMP compliant area opened for secondary packaging and labelling of medicines

Start of cooperation

Started successful cooperation with international organizations in the area of humanitarian medical assistance for Ukraine

Obtaining permission from IATA

IATA authorization and airfreight of dangerous goods services

Warehouse expansion

Expansion of bonded veterinary warehouse by another 500 square meters.
Farmasoft’s high quality of logistics services were recognized during implementation of “Better access to medicinal drugs and pharmaceutical services” programmed (SIAPS)

Fleet expansion

Extension of temperature controlled vehicles fleet up to 12

Project with USAID and SAFEmed

Start of pilot project on medicine deliveries to Ukrainian health facilities: USAID Safe, Affordable, and Effective Medicines for Ukrainians (SAFEMed) Activity in Ukraine

Cooperation with the SE “Medical Procurement of Ukraine”
This fruitful cooperation made possible effective and prompt delivery of the individual protective means that were earlier procured by the SE “Medical Procurement of Ukraine”, to the different regions of Ukraine
The era of the COVID-19 pandemic

Despite the large-scale destruction of all supply chains due to the introduction of global quarantine and restrictive measures, the Farmasoft team continued to work. We ensured the transportation and storage of coronavirus vaccines, as well as their prompt distribution throughout Ukraine in compliance with all temperature conditions. Futhermore, we continued to meet the needs of Ukrainians for medicines for other diseases.

Work during the Ukrainian-russian war

Farmasoft is a Ukrainian company that decided to continue working, saving jobs and helping people who affected by the hostilities, when a full-scale invasion began. Together with the WHO and other international organizations, we delivered humanitarian supplies to all the free and recently de-occupied territories of Ukraine. The team worked around the clock to support the healthcare system and ensure the supply of medicines and equipment for emergency medical care.

Nowadays, the company provides services of import, logistics and distribution of medicines and life sciences supplies:


Logistic support of Clinical Studies. The company supported more than 300 Clinical Study projects, worked and received a positive experience in operations with all types of supplies including dangerous goods and biological samples


Customs clearance, consignment storage and delivery of goods which were imported or purchased on the territory of Ukraine in the context of charitable and/or humanitarian aid and are a customer' property. (Not for profit organization «All-Ukrainian network of people living with HIV/AIDS», International Charity Fund «Alliance of public health, UNICEF, WHO)


Commercial logistics complex solutions (3PL) for companies on the pharmaceutical market, fulfilment of high-quality warehousing & handling & delivery on the entire territory of Ukraine


Pharmaceutical products transportation "door-to-door" is fulfilled by own validated vehicles supplied with special equipment for maintaining of cold chain requirements


Services of specialized bounded warehouse


Import and Export of pharmaceutical shipments


Wholesale and retail sales of pharmaceutical products and medicinal products


Rent and service maintenance of medical equipment used during clinical studies with the own stock reserve. Delivery of the equipment to clinical sites in the shortest possible time


Controlled substances handling. Farmasoft operates the only clinical trials depot in Ukraine that is licensed to work with this type of shipments

A warehouse complex

With total area of more than 2800 square meters with convenient transportation, extensive infrastructure and is situated in 10 kilometers from international airport Boryspol. The warehouse is equipped with all modern systems including computer-aided tools for storage terms monitoring and physical access, up-to-date systems of storage and accounting

There are zones and separate rooms for different temperature conditions (+15 -+25°С; +2- +8°С; -20°С; -80°С, -196°С), separate zones for archive keeping, controlled and dangerous product groups, quarantine zones. Pharmacy depot staff is trained in accordance with international standards and has considerable experience in all processes

The total area of logistics complex is 2800 square meters
Highly favorable location in the nearest closeness to the airport
24-hour operating of storage terminals
Bonded warehouse
Cold storage room (2⁰С-8⁰C)
Specialized system of ventilation. One-time air exchange per hour while maintaining the temperature 15⁰C-25⁰C
Separate room for secondary packaging and labelling
Dedicated room for storage of controlled substances
The system of electronic monitoring of temperature conditions and alarm notification in case of any deviations
Automatic Warehouse Management System
Automatic fire extinguishing system
Modern security systems: access control, 24-hour security, video surveillance system data recording
All systems are validated and their appropriate functioning is guaranteed in accordance to internal maintenance program
Delivery in Ukraine within 24 hours

Medicinal products

Is performed by the own Temperature Controlled Vehicles, on-line tracking and delivery notifications. Medicinal products are transported with respect to physical and chemical features, into conditions which protect from environment.

Each supply is accompanied by automatic temperature recorder. Information on transportation temperature terms can be provided to the customer on-line

We guarantee quality and financial stability in the relationship

Having a high level of financial indicators, own customs warehouse, own specialized fleet of vehicles and constant export operations, we guarantee proper quality and minimal risks at the time of high-level service provision with maximal efficiency in assigned tasks solving

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