транспортировка медикаментов

Pharmaceutical drugs transportation

We give consideration to physio-chemical properties of pharmaceutical drugs and medicinal products and adhere to all requirements which ensure proper quality keeping, safety and integrity to maintain quality of goods at the time of transportation. Taking into consideration that environmental factors can more aggressively influence shipments at the time of transportation, in comparison to stationary storage, we pay extra attention to transportation process

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Online monitoring, tracking

Transportation of pharmaceutical products only

We use only dedicated vehicles for transportation of pharmaceutical drugs to avoid contamination.  Through all time of pharmaceutical drugs transportation, we guarantee:

  •      protection from light impact (in transportation tare made of light-protective materials)
  •      prevention from moisture impact
  •      protection from rise/drop of temperature regardless from environmental temperature
Compliance with GDP international requirements

Transportation is performed in accordance with strict requirements of Ukrainian legislation and international standards: GMP / GDP and controlled by integrated system SOP. In 2013 Farmasoft successfully implemented system of Quality Management by ISO 9001. After that, standards harmonization and their certification to GDP requirements were performed

Validated vehicles

All vehicles of the company and support systems are re-validated annually.  Validation reports are provided at the time of audits and regulatory inspections

Necessary temperature conditions maintenance

Pharmaceutical drugs transportation is performed by fleet of the company vehicles completed with heating and freezing equipment which keeps needed temperature range. Temperature is controlled constantly with the help of measuring that are installed into vehicle cargo sections

Shipments safety on the road and insurance

All company vehicles are completed with security alarm systems and anti-theft devices. Farmasoft has implemented system of Regular and Irregular route systems that is very helpful to provide the clients with the best option particularly

GPS monitoring

Customers of the company can receive information from GPS on real shipment’s location at the moment of tracing as well as obtain foreseeing term of shipment’s delivery. Online account users have access to an expanded informational data portal regarding their shipments

International logistics

International transportation. Multi-countries transportation of pharmaceuticals products (medicines, vaccines, active substances).

Temperature controlled vehicles obtain +2+8С, +15+25С, -20С. Full-cycle range of transport servicing (pick up, document-flow such as T1, CMR, Export-Import processing, proof of delivery).

Servicing within EU and Ukraine. 24/7 and end-to-end geo tracking and temperature control.