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The limited liability company "Farmasoft" was established in 1999 with the aim of providing a full range of high-quality logistics services for pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Our major advantages are - comprehensive and professional approach, compliance with international requirements and Ukrainian legislation and trust of our clients
Warehouse complex with total area of 2800 square meters with convenient transportation transport location near to the international airport Boryspol. The warehouse is equipped with modern systems taking into account characteristics of the tasks, requirements to ensure the quality and safety of pharma drugs
Pharmaceutical products transportation is fulfilled by own validated vehicles supplied with special equipment for maintaining cold chain requirements
Farmasoft's mission is - to unite experience, knowledge and opportunities of our team in solving of our customer's tasks in the field of pharmaceutical and Clinical Study logistics in Ukraine while meeting international quality standards
About us
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Warehouse complex
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log Clinical Study
  • import of investigational drugs
  • import of collateral materials for Clinical Studies
  • import of controlled substances
  • customs clearance (brokerage services)
  • delivery ” door-to-door”
  • export of bio-samples
  • advisory services on import/export
  • regulatory support and consulting services
  • obtaining of import permissions for controlled substances
  • obtaining of import permissions for non-registered drugs
  • GDP certified warehouse
  • storage of study drugs and auxiliaries for Clinical Studies in the following temperature conditions: +15~+25°C, +2~+8°C, -25~-15°C
  • cryogenic storage -80°C, -196°C
  • delivery by own vehicles
  • express-delivery
  • cold chain validated solutions
  • ADR goods transportation
  • purchase of comparative and concomitant therapy
  • relabeling into licensed zone
  • purchase of equipment and medicinal products
  • equipment lease
  • collection of drugs and equipment from investigational sites
  • storage at quarantine zone
  • destruction or export management
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log2 3PL
Pharma logistics
  • Consultancy services about import/export
  • Import of pharmaceutical (commercial) shipments
  • Import of humanitarian shipments
  • Customs clearance (brokerage services)
  • Quality control fulfillment of imported goods.
  • Humanitarian status obtaining
  • Obtaining of permission for goods release
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • GDP certified warehouse
  • Cold Chain Storage: +15~+25°C, +2~+8°C, -25~-15°C
  • Cryogenic Storage -80°C, -196°C
  • A separate warehouse for veterinary products
  • Delivery within Ukraine by own TCV
  • Express-delivery (including deliveries on weekends and holidays)
  • Validated Cold Chain solutions
  • Transportation of ADR shipments
  • Order-to-cash
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log3 Biological samples
  • Delivery “door-to-door”
  • Collection of bio-samples and reproductive materials on the whole territory of Ukraine
  • Collection and export of bio-samples on weekends and holidays
  • Export of human organs samples with pathologies within the framework of studies
  • Provision of specialized packagin
  • Supply of dry ice
  • Provision of law-temperature sensors
  • Provision of Dewar flasks and Dry Shippers for shipments conveying in liquid nitrogen.
  • Guaranteed booking on any flights with maximally quick delivery to the destination point.
  • Self dependent airfreight including dangerous goods, shipments with dry ice and liquid nitrogen
  • Storage of back-up samples into specialized freezing equipment at the company’s warehouse
  • Storage of bio-samples into liquid nitrogen
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Vector Pharmaceutical drugs transportation
  • Transportation of pharmaceutical goods only
  • Light protection, moisture prevention, protection from rise/drop of temperature
  • Adherence to all requirements of pharmaceutical drugs transportation
  • ISO certification
  • GDP certification
  • International auditing of all processes
  • Own temperature controlled vehicles
  • Maintenance of necessary temperature conditions
  • Sensors of constant temperature monitoring
  • Security alarm systems and anti-theft provisio
  • Cargo insurance
  • GPS monitoring
  • Reporting during all transportation
  • Multi-countries transportation of pharmaceuticals products
  • Temperature controlled vehicles +2+8С, +15+25С, -20С
  • Full-cycle transport servicing (document-flow such as T1, CMR, Export-Import handling)
  • Servicing within EU and Ukraine
  • Geo tracking and temperature control by 24/7
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Patient Centricity Department
  • How I get involve the patients who lives far from the sites (engagement)
  • How I can arrange the retention
  • How I can pay to the patients for the taxi
  • How I can book a taxi for different routes, various cities
  • How I can report to the Sponsor with all these charges
  • How I can be sure that the patient will be in site in time
  • How I can protect the patients from effect of environment upon him\her life

Direct to patient is the basic and vital service in clinical trials industry provides by Farmasoft on qualified and reliable manner. The shipments can be delivered in a few options: from Customs to the sites, from Depot to the patients’ home or from the Sites also. Direct to Patient distribution of study medication can reduce the number of site visits and reduce the costs for study budget as generally.

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The main goal of Farmasoft activity is maintenance of safety and quality through the whole life cycle of pharmaceutical drugs both those which are stored at the warehouse and those that are transported

We make a special stress to quality of services as the quality has a vital importance into pharmaceutical area

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