Biological samples logistics

One of the successful activities of the company is work with bio-samples and reproductive materials. Our specialists receive orders for collection of bio-samples from any Ukrainian city and town for their further export to central laboratories of Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, China. Farmasoft provides with the full process service: packaging provision and collection of materials, documentation, air freight, delivery to ultimate destination point

After an investigator informs on quantity and volume of tubes, our specialists choose optimal quantity of packaging and other expendable materials. At the moment of bio-samples collection, an investigator only places a shipment into fully prepared packaging. Orders are received 7 days a week. Export from Ukraine to any laboratory is possible from Monday to Sunday

All staff, working with bio-samples, is trained according to the regulations on work and transportation of dangerous goods (IATA) and it allows to prepare customs documents and export shipments from Ukraine to any place in the world maximally prompt

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