Patient Centricity Department

Department of patient centric services was established in Farmasoft by the end of 2019 as a separate unit. It provides such services as arranging a taxi for patients, direct-to-patient deliveries, meal organization, nurse support, fuel compensation etc.

The list of services is targeted towards meeting the obligations as a full-cycle logistics provider to Farmasoft’ clients which are the TOP Pharma companies, Global and Local CROs and they are centered on the main goal of clinical trials industry – patients. More than ever before, they strive to be more patient centric in the way how they develop their medicines of the future

Taxi for the patients

In a patient-centric trial you might be faced with the following questions:

  • How can I involve the patients who live far from the sites?
  • How can I arrange the retention?
  • How can I pay for the patient’s taxi expenses?
  • How can I book a taxi for different routes, various cities?
  • How can I report to the Sponsor about all these charges?
  • How can I be sure that the patient will be at site in time?

You will not think about it. Farmasoft will.

Direct to patient delivery

Direct to patient delivery is the basic and vital service in clinical trials industry. Farmasoft provides it on a qualified and reliable manner. The shipments can be delivered in a few modes: from Customs to the sites and either from Depot or from Sites to the patients’ home. Direct to Patient distribution of study medication can reduce both the number of site visits and study budget as generally

Nowadays, Temperature Controlled deliveries to a patient’s home are the necessity while conducting Clinical Studies. The standard logistics solutions are becoming old-fashioned day by day and Sponsors already consider DTP service at the beginning of big portion of Clinical Studies.  Farmasoft is a high-quality logistics provider for direct-to-patient shipments in Ukraine with over a decade experience